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New LDL Course Participants

Because we use a different online learning platform and engage in a flipped classroom and peer review process, we ask that new LDL course participants complete our New LDL Course Participant Onboarding Series. See also the Pre-Course Preparation page. Please do not wait until the first day of class to complete these requirements.

The Learning Design and Leadership New Course Participant Onboarding serves as our “flipped classroom” community to help those of you who are new to taking a course from LDL faculty. Complete this learning module as soon as possible, but before the start of the new term. It includes general information relevant to all the LDL courses to help you be prepared for a successful course. You are encouraged to post questions directly within the community as a comment to any update. Then attend office hours on the first week of class to ask any additional questions that you might have. You are encouraged to engage with the TAs early in your experience.

Fall 2022 Term 2 (October 17 to December 11)

Fall 2022 Term 2 (October 17 to December 11)

Office Hours: 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. CT

EPOL 581: Knowledge, Learning and Pedagogy

EPSY 408: Learning and Human Development with Educational Technology  

Fall 2022 Term 1 (August 22 to October 16)

Fall 2022 Term 1 (August 22 to October 16)

Office Hours: 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. CT

EPOL 580: Ubiquitous Learning

EPOL 481: New Learning  

Spring 2023 Term 1 (January 17 to March 19)

Spring 2023 Term 1 (01/17 – 03/19):

EPOL 582: New Media and Literacies  

EPOL 534: Assessment for Learning