Thesis Writing – Chapters 4 and 5

EPOL 599 allows you to earn credits as you continue to work on your dissertation. It is recommended that you spread out how you register for the maximum-allowed number of credits. Consult with the dissertation advisor if you have any questions.

Maintain your Checklist

Planning Tip 1

The review process of your final dissertation will take time. Make sure you leave time for those review cycles. Anticipate multiple revisions, but you can minimize the frequency of reviews by following the guidance in the Admin Updates and the Dissertation Structure and Formatting FAQ, procuring a copy editor early and often, and following the Graduate College’s guidelines

Assignments and Milestones


  • We do not require you to maintain your work in CGScholar after the preliminary exam. You will complete the remainder of your work in Word.
  • Your work should be reviewed by a copy editor before sending it to your advisor for review.
  • The Graduate College can review your title page at any time. Doing that early will remind you of key formatting things to look out for.
  • Your advisor should review your Chapters 4 and 5 before you route your final dissertation for peer review.
  • You can begin Chapter 5 while you wait for advisor feedback on Chapter 4.
  • Submit Chapter 5 to your advisor as soon as it is complete. Do not wait for Chapter 4 feedback.
  • See also: Final Dissertation and Defense for additional milestones
Writing your Abstract

Your abstract should be short and concise. Just enough to provide insight into the why, what, how, and findings of your study.

Examination: Scheduling your Final Defense

See also: Final Dissertation and Defense for additional milestones

This section is for planning purposes only so that tentative dates can be established with the student and committee.

  • Dr. Francis will coordinate with you to tentatively schedule your final defense. This date is subject to change based on advisor approval of your full manuscript.
    • Refer to the Timeline PDF to see a list of final defense date options
  • Your full dissertation must be approved by your advisor before you can officially schedule your final defense

Planning Tip 2

You should plan to have your final dissertation draft approved by the end of Term 1 of the desired graduation semester.

Term 2 should focus on peer and committee presentations, and departmental and thesis office approvals.