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Fall 2022 Term 2

Before 17 October, 2022

Pre-Course Preparation

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Week 1

EPOL 581 topics:
1a. Introduction
1b. Literacies on a Human Scale
1c. The Coming of Writing
1d. The Impact of New Media on Literacies

EPSY 408 topics:
1. Foundations of Educational Psychology (Mary Kalantzis and Bill Cope)

17 to 23 October, 2022
17 October, 2022

1st Live Session

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Work 1 Request Notification Sent

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19 October, 2022
24 to 30 October, 2022

Week 2

EPOL 581 topics:
2a. Literacies for Work
2b. Literacies for Citizenship
2c. Literacy for Contemporary Community Life

EPSY 408 topics:
2. Brain Developmentalism (Mary Kalantzis and Bill Cope) 

Work 1 Complete 1st Version

Due Date

30 October, 2022
31 October to 6 November, 2022

Week 3:

EPOL 581 topics:
3a. Literacies Pedagogy in Action
3b. Literacies Pedagogy in Theory

EPSY 408 topics:
3. Social Cognitivism (Mary Kalantzis and Bill Cope)

Work 1 Peer Reviews

Due Date

6 November, 2022
By 6 November, 2022

Works 2 Request Notification Sent

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Week 4

EPOL 581 topics:
4. Didactic Literacy Pedagogy

EPSY 408 topics:
4. The Social and Emotional Conditions of Learning: The Case of Bullying in Schools (Dorothy Espelage)

7 to 13 November, 2022
13 November, 2022

Work 1 Final Revised Version

Due Date

Week 5

EPOL 581 topics:
5. Authentic Literacy Pedagogy

EPSY 408 topics:
5. Student Development (Denice Hood)

14 to 20 November, 2022
20 November, 2022

Work 2 Complete 1st Version

Due Date

Week 6:

EPOL 581 topics:
6. Functional Literacy Pedagogy

EPSY 408 topics:
6. Productive Struggle in Learning (George Reese)

21 to 27 November, 2022
27 November, 2022

Work 2 Peer Reviews

Due Date

Week 7

EPOL 581 topics:
7. Critical Literacy Pedagogy

EPSY 408 topics:
7. Putting Quantitative Psychology Research to Work: Classifying English Language Learners (Joe Robinson-Cimpian)

28 November to 4 December, 2022
4 December, 2022

Works 2 Final Revised Version

Due Date

Week 8

Due Date: Complete any remaining work for the courses by the end of this week and the Post-Course Survey

5 to 11 December, 2022
9 December, 2022

Last Day of the Term

All Final Revisions Must be Complete in order to be assigned Final Grade

11 December, 2022