Weekly Course Schedule

Term Schedule

Fall Term B Week #Week Start and
Synchronous Session
Week End (and
typically due date)
Week 1October 16thOctober 15th
Week 2October 23rdOctober 22nd
Week 3October 30thOctober 29th
Week 4November 6thNovember 5th
Week 5November 13thNovember 12th
Week 6November 20th
No Synchronous Session
November 26th
Week 7November 27thDecember 3rd
Week 8December 4thDecember 10th
All Work Due By:December 10th

Your First Assignments

Your First Assignments (Ideally prior to the start of the term)

Your First Assignments

NOTE: Work is required prior to the first live session

  • Create an account in CGScholar
    Be sure that you also validate your account by responding to the post-creation email. If you don’t receive a confirmation request by email, check your spam folder.
  • Join the course community in CGScholar (link can be found in Current Courses)
  • Sign up for the oral or video presentation in the Google Spreadsheet (link can be found in Current Courses)
  • Familiarize yourself with the Analytics area in CGScholar, where you can check your progress during the course (be sure to be logged in to CGScholar prior to accessing the Analytics)
  • If you have not taken a course from Dr. Cope, Dr. Kalantzis, or Dr. Francis previously, watch the following short videos:
First Assignments
LDL Introduction
Create your CGScholar Account

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