Thesis Writing – Chapters 1 to 3

Planning Tip

While you are collecting data, you may want to begin working on a few items that will need to be done in preparation for your final dissertation. This page gives you some ideas.

Revise Chapters 1 to 3

  1. Review and proofread chapters 1 through 3 in detail.
  2. Revise to reflect past tense. “The present study focused on…” instead of “will focus on”
  3. Adjust anything that may no longer be true, such as a piece of your methodology plan that you didn’t end of implementing.
  4. Fully proofread, including asking a friend, family member, or copy editor to proofread it.
  5. Format your work based on the thesis office requirements.
  6. Update your CGScholar version after your word version has been edited.
  7. Submit your cover sheet to the thesis office for approval.
  8. Submit your revised Chapters 1 to 3 for advisor approval along with a change note of what was changed since the preliminary exam.

Maintain your Checklist

Prepare for Chapters 4 and 5

  1. Start writing the beginning of chapter 4 that includes your actual project implementation.
  2. Insert placeholder headings to begin organizing your work and where you may put things.
  3. Maintain your Appendix with your final data collection instruments, images of your IRB paperwork, etc.