Application Deadlines

For Certificates of Specialization and Non-Degree Seeking Students: Apply as a non-degree student prior to the start of a given term through the CITIL office.

For the Online Masters (EdM) and Graduate Certificate (CERT) Programs, apply through the Graduate College Application Portal

  • Spring A Admittance: December 1st
  • Spring B Admittance: February 15th
  • Summer A Admittance: April 15th
  • Summer B Admittance: May 15th
  • Fall A Admittance: July 15th
  • Fall B Admittance: September 15th

You may not be enrolled in both a Masters and Graduate Certificate program at the same time.

Up to 12 credit hours (the equivalent of 3 courses in the program) can be petitioned for transfer from equivalent courses in other programs providing they meet the Graduate College criteria and have not counted towards another degree program.

For the Doctoral Program

  • Fall Admittance: April 15 (online EdD)
  • Fall Admittance: December 1 (on campus PhD or on-campus EdD)

We recommend students interested in starting the online EdD prior to Fall semester take non-degree coursework before formally applying to or beginning the online EdD program, based on course availability and instructor approval. You are allowed to transfer up to 12 non-degree credits.  Completion of credits as a non-degree student does not guarantee acceptance into the online EdD program.

Credits from other institutions are not transferrable to the 64 credits required for the EdD program.