Theory and Methodology

Assignments and Examination

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IRB Materials

  • While IRB materials are a part of Chapter 3 Part 3, be looking into this early and submit the paperwork as soon as possible when working on Part 3 so that you receive IRB approval prior to your preliminary examination. This process takes time.

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Manuscript Milestones

The Shared Annotated Bibliography: add sections for your theme and sources as they relate to your selected methodology.

Chapter 3 part 1 should examine your chosen theory or framework and convey its underpinning to your research study. It should conclude with your research questions and hypothesis. 2,000 to 4,000 words.

Chapter 3 Part 2 includes a deep investigation into your chosen methodology. This involves defining it, along with conveying the strengths and weaknesses. You should also provide a rationale of how this methodology aligns with your research study. This is also where you would identify any limitations as well as how you will address the reliability and validity of the study. 2,000 to 4,000 words.

Chapter 3 Part 3 is your research implementation plan, including data sources, data collection instruments, data analysis plan, and an implementation timeline. The data collection instruments themselves belong in the Appendix, but within Part 3 be sure to explain them and reference the Appendix. Also justify how they will help answer your research questions. You should also have your IRB materials in the Appendix. 2,000 to 4,000 words, not including your data collection instruments.


  • Duplicate the most recent version of your Special Field Literature Review to begin working on your Chapter 3 projects.
    • You can not re-submit an existing work. By duplicating a work, you are creating a copy that can then be routed for peer review
    • Be sure to change the full title of your work to reflect that this is the Theory and Methodology chapter (along with a brief topical title and Part 1. 2, or 3)
  • See Also: Work Submission and Review Process
  • Once your work is ready for peer review, you request to connect it to the LDL Doctoral Dissertation Sequence publisher
  • After peer review, submit a Word version of each part to Dr. Francis
  • After all three parts of Chapter 3 and Chapter 1 are complete, submit a Word version to Dr. Francis
  • Upon approval from Dr. Francis, submit a Word version to Dr. Kalantzis and copy Dr. Francis

There is not a formal Methods qualifying examination. However, your Chapter 3 represents the examination and should reflect a deep knowledge of your selected methodology.