Getting Started with the Exam-Dissertation Sequence

In This Section

1. Indicate your intent to begin the Exam-Dissertation Sequence on our Google Tracker

2. Understand the Exam-Dissertation Sequence (EDS), including the process and requirements

3. Review this web site; become familiar with what is included by visiting the different navigation menus

4. Complete the Exam-Dissertation Sequence Survey (complete this prior to beginning the EDS and then periodically throughout our experience in the EDS)

5. Attend an upcoming EDS Onboarding session (EDS Introduction presentation)

6. Become familiar with the registration process, including the required forms and when to complete them

7. Join the LDL Doctoral Dissertation Sequence Community

8. Complete the EDS Prework at least one semester prior to formally beginning the EDS

9. Review the Navigating the Exam-Dissertation Sequence page

10. Review sample Milestone Deadlines and map out your own timeline

11. Begin attending the Group Advising Sessions and Workshops at least one term prior to formally beginning the EDS

12. Contact Dr. Francis to arrange your initial individual advising session (can be anytime during the semester before beginning the general field)