EDS Prework


Getting Started

Note: You do not need to be registered in order to participate. We require you to begin these Pre-General Field Updates ahead of starting the General Field. Do not wait until the first day of the semester.

  • Attend the Exam-Dissertation Sequence (EDS) Onboarding session. Refer to our Happening Now page for the upcoming dates.
  • Become familiar with the Forms associated with the Exam-Dissertation Sequence (EDS).
    • You need to fill out a form in order to register for each seminar and you need a separate form for each examination
  • Indicate your timeline to begin the sequence and maintain your roster entry throughout the EDS
  • Schedule a brief advising session with Dr. Francis
  • Send Dr. Francis a copy of your most recent literature review from a regular course

Community Updates

Admin Updates with a prefix of 0

Follow the prompts in each admin update with a prefix of 0

Individual and Peer Updates

  • Make your own Update based on the prompt of the Admin Updates
  • Comment on at least 3 other peers’ updates with the focus on helping your peers improve their work, their ideas, etc.

EDS Survey

Manuscript Milestones

The Exam-Dissertation Sequence (EDS) involves a series of seminars and incremental and cumulative milestones to help you build towards your final dissertation. Each seminar has one or more milestones.

These milestones serve a dual purpose. The primary purpose is to achieve your qualifying and preliminary examinations. Once you pass your examinations, you can adjust the work to repurpose it to serve as chapters in your dissertation. Learn more about each milestone by referring to the related web page and admin updates

For each milestone, we require that you follow the Graduate College’s approved format and indicate placeholders for anything that you have not yet worked on.

Dissertation Formatting Tip

Become familiar with the Graduate College’s approved dissertation format. While you will use CGScholar to go through the peer review process, all work should be submitted to advisors and committee members in the approved dissertation format with placeholders. See also our Dissertation Structure and Formatting FAQs.