Thesis Research – Data Collection

After your Preliminary Exam, you will collect and analyze data and complete a full draft of your dissertation for preliminary advisor review. You can choose to register for your first EPOL 599 course now or during the Thesis Writing stage.

This page will address what you do during your data collection. Refer to the next page regarding writing Chapters 4 and 5.

Maintain your Checklist

  • Comment on the Admin Updates with a prefix of 5

  • We do not require you to maintain your work in CGScholar after the preliminary exam. You will complete the remainder of your work in Word.
  • At an appropriate time, submit your revised Chapters 1 to 3 to the Dissertation Advisor for preliminary review. This should be in the Graduate College’s approved format.

Collect Data

Documentation Tip

Your actual research study implementation should be documented throughout the process, which will make it easier for you to revise Chapter 3 and write Chapter 4.

Once your committee has approved of your project and you have IRB approval, you may begin the data collection process.

  1. Complete Admin Updates with prefix of 5
  2. Following your approved IRB and methodology implementation plan, begin collecting data
  3. Keep your data organized as you go
  4. Keep a data collection log of what actually happens – how many did you invite, how many responded, etc.