Your Final Dissertation and Defense

The second EPOL 599 course will culminate in an oral presentation and defense to your committee.  You should only register for this course once a final defense date has been established. 

Refer to the Thesis Resources pages for specific details and recommendations regarding your final defense and deposit.

Planning Tip

Be sure to pay attention to the thesis deposit deadlines for the relevant semester. Your committee may have some feedback for you that you’ll need to apply in your final thesis manuscript. These timelines allow you some time after your defense to make final revisions before the thesis deposit deadline, which is usually a month prior to the end of the semester.

Community Updates

Admin Updates with a prefix of 6

EDS Survey

  • Complete the EDS Survey


  1. Send your advisor-approved final dissertation Word document to the Dissertation Advisor for dissemination to your committee. Ensure that the document is free of comments, change notes, tracked changes, etc.
  2. Send your presentation PPT to Dr. Francis and Dr. Kalantzis for approval
Examination: Committee Presentation

In addition to your full dissertation manuscript, you will present to your committee your final defense

  1. Prepare a 15-minute oral presentation and present to your peers (30-minute peer session). Their feedback will help you prepare for your final defense committee presentation.
  2. Present your final defense (15 minutes) to your committee in a 60-minute session.
  3. Revise your work based on your committee feedback during the final defense oral exam.
Planning Checklist


  1. Admin Updates completed
  2. Draft of Chapters 1 to 5 in the Graduate College format with proper filename (your name, work type, brief description, date) sent to Dr. Francis for preliminary review
  3. Title page approved by the Graduate College
  4. Tentative approval from Dr. Francis to schedule final examination
  5. Draft reviewed by a copy editor
  6. Registered for 599 during the term/semester when you have been approved to schedule your examination
  7. Final draft reviewed by a copy editor
Final Manuscript and Approval Checklist

Final Manuscript and Approval

  1. Final draft sent to Dr. Kalantzis for final approval with correct filename convention (your name, work type, brief description, date) 
  2. Dr. Kalantzis’ approval to proceed to examination
  3. Final exam committee form filled out (your committee details can be found on your EDS Progress Report and the Final Dissertation and Defense Checklist Form)
  4. PPT sent to Dr. Kalantzis and Dr. Francis, and receive approval
  5. Confirmation of examination date and time
  6. Committee-version of manuscript sent to Dr. Francis at least two weeks prior to the examination – make sure no change notes, no tracked changes, no comments, etc.  Correct title page, etc. A clean version ready for committee’s eyes with the correct filename convention (your name, work type, brief description, date) . She will then distribute your work to your committee.
  7. Monday night’s peer presentations per schedule (our normal zoom link)
  8. Tuesday’s committee presentation (different zoom link; in the calendar invite)

Maintain your Checklist