Literature Review Guidelines

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Scholarly Essay vs. Literature Review

Both a Scholarly Essay and a Literature Review rely on scholarly sources.

We do not require students in our LDL Courses to follow the literature review genre for the Work 1 Scholarly Essay, however, we encourage our LDL doctoral students to familiarize themselves with the Literature Review Guidelines during the regular LDL coursework. During your regular coursework, strive to apply at least one principle each time and improve with each work so that you are better-prepared once you enter the Exam-Dissertation Sequence when the literature review genre is enforced.

What is a Literature Review Within a Dissertation?

A literature review is not a narrative essay, but rather investigates and synthesizes existing scholarship in a way that provides context for the research study and informs and eventually justifies the research question/s, theoretical framework, and selected research methodology.

A literature review is more than a summary of the sources, it has an organizational pattern that combines both summary and synthesis. It should not merely be descriptive—it should present definitions, theories, debates, and research data in the field of interest. It should be a fair representation of the perspectives and voices of a range of scholars across the field.

Guiding Questions

  • What motivates your concern for this issue?
  • As a body of work, what practical questions does this literature set out to address?
  • What is the empirical range addressed in this issue, theme, or topic?
  • Who are the most influential and most cited thinkers?
  • What are the main theories, interpretative frameworks, or paradigms which order knowledge when addressing this issue, theme, or topic?
  • What are the main issues arising for this issue, theme, or topic?
  • What range of practices does this field spawn? What are its most exciting and promising areas of innovation?
  • The are the main challenges to be addressed?
  • What are the questions being asked by the intellectual and practical leaders in relation to this topic?


Checklist for the Literature Review

Note that your purpose and organization will shift as you progress from the General Field —> Special Field —> Dissertation. Be sure that you start with your General Field first before referring to your dissertation study.

Also, you can include tables, infographics, videos, etc., but be sure to source them and demonstrate their relevance by connecting them in the nearby text. Be sure to cite them in captions. Best practice is to number them based on the chapter (Table 2.1, Table 2.2 while in Chapter 2).

Literature Review Overview (Videos)

Additional Help Resources

Please keep in mind our Exam-Dissertation Sequence Literature Review requirements when reviewing these other sources

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