The IRB Process


This page does not replace the official IRB web site. Their site has all of the information you need. Check out the center section of their page for some key topics and FAQs. Their Guidance Pages are extremely useful.

We don’t formally teach about the IRB process, but here are some of the most common questions we receive from our LDL students.

(If a link is broken that is referenced on this page, please visit the main IRB site directly, but also notify us so that we can update the links.)


You shouldn’t start the IRB process too early, but you also shouldn’t let it get away from you. You would typically start this process when you are working on your methodology. And you should expect to have an approved IRB letter prior to your preliminary exam. But keep in mind that the IRB approval process takes time. Refer to the IRB process page for more details.

You submit your IRB paperwork first to your faculty advisor, who is your principal investigator, for signature. Once signed, send them to the IRB office.

You may need to submit an amendment after your methodology plan is reviewed by your advisor and/or after your preliminary exam.