Certificate of Specialization

The Learning Design and Leadership certificate of specialization is a non-degree, non-transcriptable certificate that prepares learning and development professionals and educators to understand technology and know how to use it in their workplace or classroom. Learn about emerging technologies and their implications on teaching and learning. The College of Education offers several other Certificates of Specialization.

Graduate Certificate vs. Certificate of Specialization

Learn more about our Graduate Certificate program and the difference between a certificate of specialization and a graduate certificate. The application process also differs.

Application Information for Certificate of Specialization (note that when applying and you search for available courses, you will only see courses listed for the active semester(s).)

Required Courses

Certificate of Specialization, 3 Courses (12 Credits)

Any three LDL courses.

If you are enrolled in a degree-seeking program, your course selection can overlap with courses that will apply towards your degree, however, you can not apply the same course to more than one certificate of specialization. If you are planning to pursue multiple certificates, choose an LDL elective that you have not yet taken to serve as a substitute.

LDL Certificate Paths

While there is a single LDL Certificate of Specialization, you can earn multiple certificates by taking different courses (you can not count the same course towards multiple certificates). Multiple pathways have been outlined as a guide in selecting your courses. *Note that these are suggestions and not requirements.

FocusCourse 1*Course 2Course 3
Innovative Teaching and LearningEPOL 481: New Learning (Core for EdM, EdD, PhD)EPSY 408: Learning and Human Development with Educational Technologies (Core for EdM, EdD, PhD)EPOL 534: Assessment in Learning (Core for EdD, PhD)
Technology SpecialistEPOL 481: New Learning (Core for EdM, EdD, PhD)EPSY 559: Advanced Learning TechnologiesEPSY 560: Technology and Educational Change
e-LearningEPOL 481: New Learning (Core for EdM, EdD, PhD)EPOL 583: eLearning EcologiesEPOL 580: Ubiquitous Learning
New LiteraciesEPOL 481: New Learning (Core for EdM, EdD, PhD)EPOL 581: Learning and PedagogyEPOL 582: New Media and Literacies
Learner DiversityEPOL 481: New Learning (Core for EdM, EdD, PhD)EPSY 408: Learning and Human Development with Educational Technologies (Core for EdM, EdD, PhD)EPOL 486: New Media and Learner Differences

Transferring from the Certificate of Specialization to a Degree-seeking Program

*Students enrolled in the certificate program are considered non-degree seeking students.

*The certificate of completion comes as a PDF and will not appear on your official transcript.

*However, many of the courses that apply to the certificate are transcribable.

*If you have taken a course and/or completed the certificate of specialization and later decide to apply to and are accepted into the Graduate Certificate, Masters, or Doctoral program, you can petition to have those courses applied towards your Graduate certificate or degree program.

*If you are already enrolled in a degree-seeking program, you may apply your coursework to any of these certificates of specialization by filling out the appropriate form.

In This Section

Program Pathways

Non-Degree and Certificate of Specialization (Online only)

Graduate Certificate (CERT) (Online or On-Campus)

Technology Endorsement (Add-on) (Online or On-campus)

Masters of Education (EdM) (Online or On-campus)

Doctoral Program (EdD – Online or On-campus; PhD – On-campus only)

—–From Doctoral Coursework to the Dissertation

—–Early Research Project for the Doctor of Philosophy

See also: Courses and LDL Program FAQ