Peer Review Process & Instructions

Peer review Instructions

  • Review Assignments: You will receive 3 review requests per Work project once you have submitted your own draft.
    If by the end of the course you have received fewer than 3 review requests, no requests, or too many requests please contact the teaching assistant.
  • Peer Review Tool: You must complete 3 peer reviews using the CGMap tool.
    • For instructions on how to use the CGMap tool, you can watch this video.
    • If needed for better viewing, you may view the work in CG Scholar creator while reviewing the work in CG Map.
  • Annotations
    • For an explanation of how to use coded annotations, please refer to the CG Map instructional video.
  • Review Length and Ratings: Providing constructive feedback is going to be the most helpful to the authors. Please write strong explanations in your comments. If you deduct a score explain why and how the author can improve. Even if you like a section and give full credit, explain what you liked and why.
  • Review content: Be kind to peers in your reviews! Be as helpful as you can, offering them constructive suggestions. Feedback should be unique (not copy/pasted) and be directly relevant to the work under the review section. Comments must be tailored to a specific work.
  • Review Submission: Wait until you have completed all pending reviews before submitting them. More ideas might come to you while you review another work.
  • Self-Review and Review the Reviewer:
  • Red Flags: Do not self-plagiarize, or copy work from updates or other courses. This must be new work. If you notice any problems with a work or the reviews you receive(e.g. plagiarism, offensive reviews), please inform the teaching assistant or instructor.