Delete – Strands within the LDL Program

Strands involve a coherent cluster of courses that constitute an area of expertise, but the department and concentration are still Education Policy and Organization Leadership, with a concentration in Learning Design and Leadership.

                                                                                            Image:  Middlescapes
  1. New and Innovative Learning Environments: Designed to support advanced approaches to the development of more engaging learning environments for students and to integrate new media and technologies into formal and informal educational settings. Focuses on ways in which students use digital media to enhance the ways in which they learn. It also addresses the challenge of differentiating instruction to meet the needs of diverse learners. Any courses in the LDL program can be selected to meet this requirement.
  2. Technology Specialist: Designed for students interested in developing competencies in instructional technology to enhance learning experiences and communications. This can include workforce development, public policy, and educational technology development outside of formal education settings in addition to K-12 Institutions. Students interested in performance technology, instructional design, information access and instructional development should also consider this concentration. Recommended courses are marked with a * on the Course Descriptions page.
  3. Foundations of e-Learning in Higher Education: Designed to enable understanding of the design, development, evaluation, and management of e-Learning programs and systems in universities and colleges. Students will be able to gain both theoretical and practical knowledge and skills in the context of teaching and learning in higher education. Topics include: digital game-based learning, immersive learning technology, evidence-driven learning technology evaluation, mobile learning systems, and more. Any courses in the LDL program can be selected to meet this requirement, however it will be expected that course participants will focus their work on higher education.