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1. Review the Process Resources below

2. Become familiar with the Work Submission and Review Process

3. Rely on the EDS Rubrics when creating your own and reviewing others’ work

4. Pay attention to Dissertation Deposit Deadlines when mapping out your own timeline

Courses vs. Exams

Courses are different than Exams

Before getting started, it is important to understand courses vs. exams. Refer to this page for the full details.

Help us know your status

In addition to registering, please indicate your topic and timeline on our google sheet tracker.

EDS Google Tracker
Individual and Group Advising Sessions

Receive Live Feedback

Join our weekly group advising sessions to get the most benefit out of the EDS.

As a new EDS participant, schedule an individual advising session with Dr. Francis prior to starting the EDS.

Other individual advising sessions may be scheduled as needed.

Key Terms and FAQs

Check out the common terms and questions that you may encounter while working on your exams and dissertation

Key Terms and FAQs
EDS Learning Module

Learning Materials

This link includes admin updates for the entire six-course sequence. Navigate to the community (restricted) to comment on admin updates and/or to create individual updates.

Milestone Requirements

Specific requirements for each seminar are outlined in the sections below. General submission and peer review guidelines can be found here.

Peer review Rubrics can be found here.

Submitting and Reviewing Milestones