Communication – Week 5

Dear Students,

Work Project, AI Review, and Peer Review Submission

I hope this email finds you well. We are starting week 5. This week we are hoping you have reached or are approaching update 4 and are finalizing your Project full draft with an AI review and revision based on AI recommendations. It is important to do your AI Review on CG Map when your draft is complete. (See tutorial here – second tab down) Your project should be submitted for peer review by Wednesday evening.

Oral Presentation

There is no class next week due to fall break. Reminder: please sign up for an oral presentation. You’re welcome to present on your chosen topic or talk about an idea you’d like to explore further for your main project.  Also, make sure to include the hyperlink for the presentation. If you’re interested in volunteering for today’s session, kindly fill in the relevant information on the Google Sheet provided.

Peer Reviews

Peer reviews are to be completed in CG Map. You will find tutorials in Shares on the bottom right side of the class community in Scholar. Please see the website You will find a list of peer review suggestions on the first tab down.

Looking forward to seeing you today in class!

Kind Regards, 

The LDL Team