Week 6

Image: Middlescapes

Week 6 Assignments

  • Comment on the weekly Admin Update(s)
  • Make your own Update (5 out of 5) based on the prompt of one of the Admin Updates
  • Comment on at least 3 other peers’ updates

For 8-week courses (Fall & Spring Semesters)

For 6-week courses (Summer Semester)

  • Submit Revised version of Work 2, with self-review, by Sunday of Week 6, 11.00 pm CT
  • Check the Dialogue Box area (About this Work => Project => Dialogue)  in your Works for any TA feedback after the submission.
  • Confirm that you have completed the oral presentation requirement (during one of the synchronous session or post your video)


  • Check your Analytics tab for any remaining requirements and what more you need to do to improve your score
  • See also Assessment and Grading