Week 1

Spring Term A Week #Week StartWeek End
Week 1January 17thJanuary 22nd
Week 2January 23rdJanuary 29th
Week 3January 30thFebruary 5th
Week 4February 6thFebruary 12th
Week 5February 13thFebruary 19th
Week 6February 20thFebruary 26th
Week 7February 27thMarch 5th
Week 8March 6thMarch 10th

Image: Middlescapes

Week 1 Assignments

    • Comment on the weekly Admin Update(s) and at least one peer’s comment to the Admin Update
    • Create a Community Update (1 out of 5) based on the prompt found here: Community Update prompts
    • Comment on at least 2 other peers’ updates
    • Complete the Pre-Course Survey (check the Admin Updates or the Analytics in CGScholar)